Sunday, January 22, 2006

Naples H.S. back

From Gran to my great-grandfather.

Sep. 27, 1913

"Mr. Robert Abbey, Jr.,

Dear Bob:
How does this
find you? Mrs.
Avery, the lady
where Blanche
works is dead.
Funeral tomorrow.
Blanche will be
home now I
expect. We are
going to the funeral
tomorrow. I will

write a letter if I
possibly can. How is
everybody? I can
hardly wait until I
come over. Remember
me to all. Sincerely, F.E.L."
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Naples High School 1912

"Where I graduated, 1912"
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New Year 1911 Back

"Dec. -- 1910

Florence and Francis Lafler
Yates Co.,"

The message on this is in German, and as I am not familiar with that language, I won't attempt a transcription, to avoid errors.

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New Year's 1911

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Thanksgiving Greetings 1915

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Shepherd's Block 2 1913

"Miss Florence Lafler

Middlesex NY 2-25-13
Dear Florence
I was very glad to
receive your photo
and letter am glad you like
your work. You don't know
what nice little letter I
received from Marguerite
and a picture of us girls
didn't that sound natural
write again soon, Mrs. Shepherd

(We are to have another teacher next week.)

(Where we got our mail as kids)"
Marguerite was Gran's youngest sister
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Shepherd's Block 2

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Memorial Hall, back Dec. 3, 1909

"This doesn't look
much like fire at
Middlesex! We are
in Rushville to-night
to play B.B. We play
in a large building
belonging to Mr. Adem-
son. How about ..... O.W.

Miss Florence Lafler
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Rushville, NY

"Memorial Hall Rushville, N.Y.
Burned Jan. 25, 09
Orvis Photo"
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Transatlantic Flyer "America"

Here's a link to a postcard with the same image.
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A.D. Haynes, back

"Mr. and Mrs. A.D. Haynes.
Frank Lafler
Home of Mr. and Mrs. A.D. Haynes, Italy"

Lafler was Gran's maiden name, but I'm not sure who Frank was, exactly, perhaps of the same generation as my great-great-grandfather.
My great-grandmother's family lived in Italy for a time.
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A.D. Haynes, Italy, NY

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Saturday, January 21, 2006

Middlesex High School, back

"Where I went to school."

I'm not sure if this is Gran's or Auntie Blanche's handwriting.
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Middlesex High School

Odd that there are three trees directly in front of the building, blocking the view during leafier seasons. I have tried to find any current information about this building, but to no avail. It also seems that Middlesex does not have its own high school anymore.
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Looking West, back

"Across the 'Flat' from Main St."
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Looking West, Middlesex, NY

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Looking West from 100F Block

Middlesex, NY, ca. 1912
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100F Block Back

There are three postcards with handwritten notes, but I am not sure if they were written by Gran or Auntie Blanche.

"Charles Fountain at the left (his store)
Case Williams at the right (his store)"
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100F Block

According to the photo it was built in 1908. While similar in terms of the store fronts, it is obviously not the same as the Shepherd Block next to the little post office.
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Saturday, January 07, 2006

100F Block, Middlesex, NY

Middlesex, NY

"Looking North from 100F Block Middlesex, NY"

I'm not sure when this was taken, but it appears to be earlier than 1915 as the paint on the post office appears to be in better condition and there is no porch on the building next door.
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Looking North

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Middlesex, NY

Shepherd Block and Post Office.
I'm trying to figure out this post office. In the postcards above and below the post office is totally different if you look at the windows and false front. However, both buildings have signs saying "Post Office." It may be that the post office was rebuilt, and this photo is older than the others.
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4th July 1915, Middlesex, NY

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4th July 1915 Middlesex, NY

I'm not sure who Floyd was, but Ira Lafler was my great-great grandfather - Gran's father.
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